Returns an XML document listing all categories and iPapers below, and including, the requested PaperID. If a publication period restriction is set on the iPaper, the publicationperiod-from and publicationperiod-to fields will be present.


Name Value
paperID The ID of the iPaper that should be the root level of the tree of iPapers returned

Sample Response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <message><![CDATA[List of papers retrieved.]]></message>
    <category id="182" name="Partner" url="/">
      <category id="173" name="Demos" url="/demos/">
        <category id="1240" name="hep23" url="/demos/hep23/" />
        <paper id="1106" name="21" url="/demos/21/" />
        <paper id="1114" name="CC" url="/demos/CC/" />
        <paper id="1120" name="Dot_Matrix_Range" url="/demos/Dot_Matrix_range/" publicationperiod-from="2014-05-14 01:25:00" publicationperiod-to="2014-05-29 01:35:00" />
        <paper id="1117" name="edc" url="/demos/edc/" />
        <paper id="1233" name="ipaper" url="/demos/ipaper/" />
        <paper id="1232" name="Test" url="/demos/Test/" />

Return Codes