Begins a processing of a Flipbook.


Name Value
paperID The ID of the Paper to process
xmlOptions Extra XML options for the processing request (See below)
base64Pdf The PDF file encoded as a base64 string


Name Required Datatype Default value Description
preserve-index No bool true Whether to preserve the current index of the Flipbook
pages-from When ‘all-pages’ = false int 1 The starting page in the catalog processing should begin from
pages-to When ‘all-pages’ = false int [last page of pdf] The ending page in the catalog processing should end with
all-pages No bool true If true, pages-from and pages-to will be ignored, all pages will be processed. If false, pages-from and pages-to must be set
preserve-links No bool true Whether to preserve current links on pages or clear them
import-bookmarks No bool false Whether to import bookmarks from the PDF as index. Assumes preserve-index=false
import-links-styleid When ‘import-links’ = true int   The linkstyle ID of style that imported links should assume
password No string   Password to unlock protected PDF. Will fail if PDF is protected and correct password is not provided
preprocessors No XML   Preprocessors that needs to be run before the PDF is processed
custom-link-import-configuration No string   The configuration XML for the custom link import to be executed. This should only be used if instructed to do so by iPaper
custom-link-import-name No string   The name of the enrichment automation configuration that should be used when processing the PDF.

NB!: xmlOptions should be wrapped in a root node <options /> like shown in the sample below.


Sample Response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <code><![CDATA[SUCCESS]]></ code>
  <message><![CDATA[Process queued successfully.]]></message>

Return Codes