Searches flipbooks by custom field values.


Name Value
categoryID The category whose descendants should be searched
xmlOptions The xmlOptions parameter is used for specifying the search options in XML format


  • There must be at least one criteria.
  • Criteria field values are automatically returned in the customfields section for result papers.
  • Any custom fields that should be returned, and are not part of a criteria, should be added to the includedcustomfields section of the options.
  • Each custom field criteria will have its value validated according to the field datatype.

Sample Options

Element Required Value
customfieldcriterias Yes The usewildcards attribute is optional, default is false. Must only be specified for string type custom fields. Wildcard searches can be performed, using % as wildcard character
includedcustomfields No The include all attribute is optional, default is false. Returns all custom field values for the Flipbook. Use with care as amount of data may increase if many fields are defined
        <field name="[CriteriaFieldName]" usewildcards="[true/false]" value="[Value]" />
    <includedcustomfields includeall="[true/false]">
        <field name="[IncludedFieldName]"/>

Sample Response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <message><![CDATA[Search results returned.]]></message>
      <paper id="1120" name="Dot_Matrix_Range" url="/demos/DotMatrixRange/" lastprocessed="2009-03-15 15:27:00" pdffilesize="1357">
          <field name="TestField" type="int" null="True"><![CDATA[]]></field>
          <field name="date" type="datetime" null="False"><![CDATA[2009-07-25]]></field>

Return Codes