Returns the number of visitors (based on sessions, not unique visitors) per day, for a Flipbook, in a given time period.


Name Value
paperID The ID of the Flipbook to retrieve data from
from When should data be returned from? Format: YYYY-MM-DD
to When should data be returned to? Format: YYYY-MM-DD

Sample Response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <message><![CDATA[Visitor count returned.]]></message>
      <day date="2012-08-15" visitors="47" />
      <day date="2012-08-16" visitors="150" />
      <day date="2012-08-17" visitors="158" />
      <day date="2012-08-18" visitors="155" />
      <day date="2012-08-19" visitors="126" />
      <day date="2012-08-20" visitors="147" />
      <day date="2012-08-21" visitors="146" />
      <day date="2012-08-22" visitors="71" />
      <day date="2012-08-23" visitors="0" />
      <day date="2012-08-24" visitors="0" />
      <day date="2012-08-25" visitors="0" />

Return Codes