General Guidelines

  • If an API returns a humanly read message, do not rely on it. It may change over time without notification. The message is only intended to help you understand the return code.
  • Anything but a SUCCESS return code should be treated as an error. An ERROR return code may be changed with a more specific return code at a later stage, but a SUCCESS code will never be changed without previous notification.
  • Any breaking changes will either be notified in due time, or a new API version will be setup so the old one can run concurrently.
  • API methods may be appended without there being created a new overall API version, but only as long as they add non-breaking features like optional fields and extra return data. As a result of this, do use XPATH to query results, you should not rely on element index positions.

API Endoint URL

The actual endpoint URL depends on which partner the solution is hosted at. For direct customers of iPaper, the endpoint is:

For other partners, the endpoint is: