Cookies set by iPaper

The following cookies are set when visiting a flipbook in the iPaper platform, we put high effort into ensuring that we follow best practises and actions that could be categorised diffently unless the user gives consent.

Name Value Purpose HttpOnly Secure Category Expiry
ASP.NET_SessionId Unique random string Session cookie to ensure that the visitor is given access to the respective flipbook, and it's needed assets. True True Strictly necessary Session
ASP.NET_SessionId_Fallback Unique random string Fallback session cookie to support older browsers that haven't implemented the Secure flag, in modern evergreen browsers this cookie is never set as it haven't got the Secure flag. True False Strictly necessary Session

If you enable the iPaper cookie banner, this is how the four categories of cookies affect the iPaper solution. Note that we only ever set the cookies defined under “Cookies set by iPaper”, however, their use changes depending on the cookie permissions granted by the user.

Strictly necessary

This category is always allowed and makes sure the basic iPaper experience works. This is what ensures products stays in the basket and that basic features in the Flipbook works.


If we do not get the performance permission, iPaper only tracks basic statistics that are not correlated with the actual session in any way. This is data like PDF downloads, logo clicks, time of day, etc. With the performance permission granted, iPaper furthermore also tracks data like page views & time spent.


This category has no impact on the iPaper solution and is only there for future proofing.


All iPaper integrations are disabled if we do not get advertising permission. This includes Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook and other integrations.