Commands & Events

An introduction to commands & events

A command is an action/instruction sent to the Flipbook. These are used to trigger functionality inside the flipbook.

An event is when certain things happen inside a flipbook. These can be subscribed to in order to execute code when they occur. The code that should be executed is passed as a callback function when subscribing. You can set up multiple subscriptions to the same event. In addition, when you set up a subscription you will get an unsubscribe function returned which can be used to delete/cancel the subscription at any time (Note: You will need to await the subscription setup for the unsubscribe function to be accessible). For example:

var mySubscription = await instance.basket.onToggled(() => {
    console.log('The basket was toggled');


The JS API comes with an extensive list of commands and events, which are split into the categories below:

pageBasketpageConsentpagePagingpagePublicationpageSearchpageTable of ContentspageSharing

In addition to these commands and events, there is also a updateConfig command that can be used to update/set certain config settings of the API instance. The command accepts a single argument, consisting of the properties below:




Used to prevent default Flipbook behaviour when certain events are triggered

For the preventAction object inside, this accepts one or multiple of the following properties:




When set to true, this will prevent the native basket from opening



When set to true, this will prevent all shop items being added to the native basket

Below is an example use which will prevent the native basket from opening:

    preventAction: {
        basketClick: true,
        itemAdd: true

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