Embeds (Minipapers)


Minipapers is a method for which to easily embed a miniaturized version of a flipbook on your website. The following view options are available:

  • Perspective—displays a three-dimensional flipbook

  • Single page—displays a single page on the flipbook

  • Spread—displays a spread on the flipbook

  • Page slider—displays an animated slider showing pages and spreads of a pre-defined page range

Once integrated on your website, clicking on a minipaper will redirect the user to the actual flipbook being displayed.

Redirecting to an alternative URL

It is possible to override the default link action and target when a user clicks on the embedded minipaper. This behavior can be configured by appending relevant query strings to the URL found in the src attribute of the <iframe> element in the embed code. For example, given the following embed snippet:

<!-- iPaper snippet start -->
    style="display: block;"
<!-- iPaper snippet end -->

The URL to be modified will be the string <MinipaperEmbedUrl>. The following query strings are supported:

KeyAccepted valuesDefault valueDescription



The public URL of the flipbook

Changes the URL that users are redirected to when an embedded minipaper is clicked on. The URL must be fully qualified, starting with http:// or https://, and be URL encoded. Example: <MinipaperEmbedUrl>?targetUrl=https%3A%2F%2Fipaper.io%2F


_self, _blank, _parent, _top


Changes the behavior of the anchor element that determines where to display the linked URL. Read more about the specification for target attribute. Example: <MinipaperEmbedUrl>?target=_self

If you want multiple query string keys to be attached to the URL, you can separate them using the & character, i.e.: <MinipaperEmbedUrl>?targetUrl=<Url>&target=<Target>. The order of the queries does not matter.


As per specification, all values in query strings must be properly URL-encoded. There are several online tools for encoding text for use in query strings, for example: https://meyerweb.com/eric/tools/dencoder/.

Preserving aspect ratio

If you want to preserve the aspect ratio of the embedded minipaper, so that it is scaled proportionately in a page with responsive design, we suggest using the padding-bottom trick, which will force an aspect ratio of your choice on the surrounding container. The element displaying the minipaper—the <iframe> element—should then be positioned absolutely relative to this container.

For example, if a 2:1 ratio is desired for a container, padding-bottom: 50% should be used:

<div style="position: relative; width: 100%; padding-bottom: 50%;">
    <!-- iPaper snippet start -->
        style="display: block; width: 100%; height: 100%;"
    <!-- iPaper snippet end -->

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