Google Analytics

We track Pageviews (both initial load and if enduser pages the flipbook) in Google Analytics.

Each page in an iPaper flipbook has a unique URL, and we push a pageview to GA like this:

{ 'event': 'virtualPageview', 'virtualPageURL': flipbookurl + '?Page=' + pagenumber }

We’ll also track various Events across our flipbooks. Take a look at the list below for a full list of events.

NOTE: All events are tracked to the iPaper events category

Action Label Comment
External Link Click HoverText: {linkHoverText} | Url: {externalUrl} | Page: {pageNumber}  
PDF Download n.a. n.a.
Popup Image Click HoverText: {linkHoverText} | Url: {imageUrl} | Page: {pageNumber}  
Popup Image Gallery Click HoverText: {linkHoverText} | Page: {pageNumber}  
Popup Content Click HoverText: {linkHoverText} | Page: {pageNumber}  
Popup Frame Click HoverText: {linkHoverText} | Url: {frameUrl} | Page: {pageNumber}  
Product Added to Basket Id: {productId} | Name: {productName} | Page: {pageNumber}  
Newsticker External Link Click Url: {externalUrl}  
Video Play Url: {videoUrl} | VideoType: {‘Video’ / ‘YouTube’ / ‘Vimeo’} | Page: {pageNumber} Only first Play on each page is tracked
Search Term: {searchTerm}  
Shop Checkout NumberOfProducts: {numberOfProductsInCart} | CheckoutType: {‘Email’ / ‘ShareEmail’ / ‘Checkout’ / ‘Print’} | BasketValue: {totalBasketValue}  

NOTE: The values in {} will be replaced with context specific value before sending the event.

Here’s how we’d send the Search event

ga(tracker.get('name') + '.send', 'event', 'iPaper events', 'Search', 'Term: Cute puppies');

If you need help setting up Google Analytics on your iPaper account, have a look at our Integrate Google Analytics With iPaper Google Analytics Tracking guide.

Google Tag Manager

With Google Tag Manager you can track the initial Page views, any paging done in the flipbook, and actions performed in the flipbook.

NOTE: When using Google Tag Manager to track to Google Analytics, it’s important that you haven’t also defined an Analytics Tracking ID, since this will result in pageviews and events getting tracking twice or more. If Google Tag Manager is not used to track to Google Analytics, it’s okay to include both tags, but it’s adviced to stick with one or the other to keep your tracking as simple as possible.


For all events we support, we’ll push the raw event data and the Category, Action and Label that we’d push to Google Analytics for the similar event.

For the events below we will push to the data layer in the following format

	'event': [EVENT_NAME],
	'ipaperEventParams': [EVENT_DATA],

Event overview

Event name Event data  
ipaperEvent_externalLinkClick { HoverText: string, Url: string, Page: number }  
ipaperEvent_popupImageClick { HoverText: string, Url: string, Page: number }  
ipaperEvent_popupGalleryImageClick { HoverText: string, Page: number }  
ipaperEvent_popupContentClick { HoverText: string, Page: number }  
ipaperEvent_popupFrameClick { HoverText: string, Url: string, Page: number }  
ipaperEvent_productAddedToCart { ID: string; Name: string; Page: number }  
ipaperEvent_newsTickerExternalLinkClick { HoverText: string, Url: string, Page: number }  
ipaperEvent_videoPlay { Url: string, VideoType: string, Page: number }  
ipaperEvent_search { Term: string }  
ipaperEvent_shopCheckout { NumberOfProducts: number, CheckoutType: string, BasketValue: number; }  
ipaperEvent_leadgenPopupOpen { Name: string, Url: string }  
ipaperEvent_leadgenPopupConversion { Name: string, Url: string }  
ipaperEvent_leadgenPopupConversionByUrlClick { Name: string, Url: string }


An example of a DataLayer push for the event ipaperEvent_externalLinkClick could look like this:

	'event': 'ipaperEvent_externalLinkClick',
	'ipaperEventParams': {
		HoverText: 'The clicked links hover text', 
		Url: '', 
		Page: 12
	'ipaperEventCategory': 'iPaper events',
	'ipaperEventAction': 'External Link Click',
	'ipaperEventLabel': 'HoverText: The clicked links hover text | Url: | Page: 12'


Aside from the DataLayers above we also push PageElementClicked, but it’s only triggered for the internal & external linktype.

Event name Data Comment
  type: 'internal' | 'external',
  data: {
    url: String,
    pagenumber: String
Triggered on internal & external linktype

The following features have also been enabled for GTM:

['ua', 'ga', 'v', 'e', 'u', 'c', 'img', 'adm', 'awct', 'sp', 'gcs', 'ctv', 'f', 'smm', 'r', 'k', 'flc', 'fls' ]

You can find more information about what they entail on this page: